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May 3, 2019

Lisa Hilmes

Lisa works at Limina UX, where she participates in all phases of the UX design process. She works with small start-ups, a federal government agency, and a global enterprise company. She has experience working in a variety of different industries, including Law and Telecommunications.

Her favorite part of being a UX designer is never having to design the same thing twice, and that there is always another problem waiting to be solved. She loves that each problem brings new and exciting challenges to tackle.

Lisa hails from Boulder, CO where she enjoys mountain adventures, landscape painting, and murder mystery novels.

Lisa Hilmes’ talk

A Valuable Experience Begins with a Solid Content Outline

A content outline can serve multiple uses later in the design process

In the age of immediacy, if a user does not find what they are looking for within a matter of seconds, they will leave your page, no matter how nice it looks or how easy it is to use.

After research, requirements gathering, and information architecture, you’re ready to start wireframing, right? Not quite. A solid content outline for each page sets your wireframe up for success and enables successful collaboration between technical and design teams before the design phase begins.

From this talk you’ll learn:

  1. Why you should write content outlines
  2. How to determine what should go on the page
  3. How to determine the ordering of content on the page
  4. What area of the page template the content should go in, and
  5. What notation and level of detail to use when writing one

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