UX in the Age of Immediacy.

User expectations are changing fast and real-time interactions on social media and Amazon Prime have helped fuel those shifts. In practice we have to demonstrate value in less than a second — or at best prove usefulness on first use. As UX practitioners we need to understand how we can address and meet those expectations of immediacy in what we’re working on today. Every talk at the May 3, 2019 UX Burlington conference was presented through the lens of immediacy in UX.

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2019 UX Burlington featured another impressive roster of high caliber UX speakers! Collectively this group has spoken at hundreds of conferences worldwide, published multiple books, hold doctorates, and range from accomplished freelancers and practitioners, to leading positions with IBM and npm.

With two keynotes and two dedicated tracks, UXB 2019 turned out to be a fun and successful conference!

Victor YoccoLisa HilmesMeena KothandaramanNick DikaFred HarperHenri HelveticaChris DeMarsDr. Bob Moore

2019 Talks

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